How flowers end up at your florist? Part 3

How do markets consistently ensure they have produce all year round?

Markets get their flowers direct from the growers. The markets want to maximize revenues so they want flowers being sold all through the year. But how do growers grow flowers when they are not in season?

Well, you could order flowers from far away countries with different climates but it is also very common to use polytunnels.

Polytunnels are used very widely in Holland. It allows for flowers to be grown out of season, so you can still get Tulips (among other spring flowers such as these Grape Hyacinths) in November!

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But it also means growers can produce flowers that may not even be possible to grow in that climate at all. Saving markets from hauling exotic flowers thousands of miles to using the fancy grower next door, reduces costs for them. Therefore lowers the florists costs and ultimately you as the customer don’t have to spend a fortune on an exotic flower.


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