Winter flowers to warm up to!

There’s no denying that winter is drawing in, there’s frost on the cars in the morning, the Twitter hashtag #HowIKnowWinterIsComing is trending, but most importantly the winter blooming flowers are making their way into florists near you!

Amaryllis are my personal favourite winter flower.

Amaryllis bulb ready for planting. (Amaryllis aka Hippeastrum) Amaryllis bulbs are widely available by mail-order and at garden centers, home centers and florists in fall and winter.

Yep, this funny looking onion thing above is my favourite winter flower. Let me explain.

When you see them in your florist, looking like something a farmer pulled out of the ground because it was interfering with his potatoes, it is actually the cocoon of the most beautiful flowers you can see over the winter months.

Your florist may also sell them like this in the photo below

Hippeastrum (amaryllis)

Most recently, it has been becoming increasingly popular to have the bulbs in a colourful wax like the photo below.


These wax coated Amaryllis bulbs are decorative as they add some great colour to fit right in to almost any interior. That then, makes them fantastic table decorations.

The best thing about them? No water!

When they start growing, you will see a leaf like growth coming from the top of the bulb. The stem grows from this and then the bloom starts developing until it reaches its full height and begins to open.

All of this will happen without even watering it! The bulb has all the nutrients and energy inside it already to grow so it doesn’t require any specific needs to grow.

That means that these decorative little things can be introduced in an entirely new group on customers. If you think about it, it could replace that boring cactus you have had on your desk for the past year.

Downsides? Nope.

Some people could tell you that these waxed covered Amaryllis don’t grow to the full height than other ones, due to their restrictive roots, however these shorter stems mean that the stems are more sturdy and less likely to break and fall over like this:


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