Like a MOSS! Pt.1

Moss is too often taken for granted, some of these so-called ‘mosses’ are a necessity for a well stocked florist.

Most of these at least should be available readily or at least to order from your local florist or garden centre.

Whether your florist glues, pins or tucks any of these mosses into any type of arrangement, these mosses can make themselves very useful.


Bun Moss

Bun moss is a real moss which comes in roundish little mounds which is green on top and brown underneath. They make for fantastic texture in some of the more vegetative designs. They are increasingly common as whole walls covered in the stuff!



Flat Moss

This type of moss is the most common among florists as it easily covers the bits they don’t want you to see and make for a great decoration on plants to cover the soil. It’s available from your florist in sheets and needs to be kept moist to extend the life of the moss. As it begins to die, it loses its rich green colour and turns brown.


Sphagnum Moss

Commonly called Basket Moss for its prolific use in hanging baskets. It feels very spongy when it’s wet because the pores in the leaves can retain a lot of water. It is commonly used as a medium behind an arrangement as it is not always very pretty.

Sphagnum moss was used to treat wounds for centuries up to the First World War. As it is acidic, it helped stop the growth of bacteria. This makes it very useful for transporting seeds and live plants and even can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine in swimming pools!


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