Like a MOSS! Pt.2

All of these mosses are found in all sorts of arrangements in a florists world. Personally, I love to use all these different types of moss for my work. From covering the mechanics with them, displaying them as a showpiece or using them to complement a larger design.


Reindeer Moss

Commonly called ‘moss’ this is actually a type of Lichen. I have written about Lichens in a previous post: The Evolution of Flowers Part 1

These soft and spongy masses make for fantastic decorations to arrangements as they don’t lose much of their colour. This makes them perfect for artificial arrangements to add on top of the soil or for a decorative base for planted arrangements.

Reindeer moss is naturally a white-light grey colour but they are often seen dyed in a wide array of colours as pictured (purple, lime green, dark green, yellow, red etc.).



Spanish Moss

This type of moss is, again, not actually a moss. It is in fact an air plant. This means that they attach themselves onto trees and absorb their moisture from rain and dew.

This makes them easy house plants!

They grow native to subtropical humid conditions such as Peru and some of the southern states of the US.

I like to use this in Halloween arrangements as when you stretch it out a bit, it gives a fantastic spiders web effect. It also fits in really well with most Autumnal arrangements.






Iceland Moss

Yet again, this isn’t quite a real moss. It’s another Lichen. It’s texture is more dry and straw-like compared to other mosses mentioned.

Black on one side and silver-white on the other gives it a great texture for more monochromatic designs. In some areas it grows in a chestnut brown colour.

This type of moss is great for more modern designs for its distinctive texture.




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