Alternate lighting for your plants in winter.

Whether you are bringing in plants from outside over the colder months or you just want better success with the plants you already have at home. Maybe you live in a flat that doesn’t have a good south facing window. The answer could be grow-lights.

Grow lights

These are a popular method of boosting life into your plants that may otherwise not get the light they need.

They work by mimicking the light given off by the sun. More specifically, the only a certain part of the light spectrum. Sunlight is white because it is made up of red, blue and green light, as shown in the image below.


Plants grow best when exposed to the red and blue part of the light spectrum so if you want to make the most out of your indoor lights, you can use something like this screw in bulb.

(Click on the images to go straight to Amazon)


If you need more than just one little bulb, don’t worry, there are options!

Check out this lamp panel. You could place all of your plants under this one!

Maybe you work in an office and that little plant isn’t getting the light it needs. Well, there’s options here too! They even make grow lamps with a clamp so you can fit it to your desk!

These 3 that I have shown are all LED which means they use very little power compared to the more traditional fluorescent light. Now there is no excuse to killing your plants! 😅


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