gallery Is This The Next Big Health Food?

It’s called Duckweed a.k.a Wolffia Globosa.

Duckweed is a small flowering plant, known for being the smallest flowing plant in the world with a diameter of 0.1-0.2mm.

It grows in mats on the surface of calm, freshwater, such as ponds, lakes and marshes.


They are commonly considered a pest among ponds and water features as they can multiply rapidly if not regularly maintained.

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Don’t get put off by the photos here, you can eat it raw as is common across Asia but you don’t have to eat it like this. I’m told it has a slightly grassy, fresh taste.

Once ground into a powder it is claimed to be a useful alternative to whey powder as it is 68% protein.

With the powder, you can use it in anything that you can usually make with soy or whey powder.



Photos courtesy of Jan Thomas Johansson

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