Near Fatal Car Accident Cannot Stop Creativity!

Ashley Woodson Bailey spent two decades as a floral designer, creating bountiful weddings for her event-planning company and even spent a year as a fashion editor.

However, in 2012 her career took a change when a near-fatal car accident forced her to take a different path. This is when she found her new found passion.

“I’d lie in bed taking pictures of the flowers people had sent me with my iPhone and then posted them on Instagram,” Bailey recalls from her studio in Atlanta, where she now lives. “People started asking to buy them, so I learned how to use an app with filters and layers so they’d have a painterly feel.”


She now sells her photographs on her website ( Whether she shoots a single flower up close or a whole bouquet, I think everyone can agree that her portfolio is stunning.

Her favourite flower to photograph is the Poppy. She says “it has the best personality, with lots of movement and wrinkles. They look very painterly.”


Since then she has even released wallpaper and clothing, all of her favourite images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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