6 of the Most Deadly Flowers in the World

Aconitum carmichaelii – Monkshood

Let’s start with the ones that a lot of people already know, Monkshood. Otherwise known as Aconitum. This flower is considered to be one of the most poisonous flowers in the world. Ingesting Monkshood can cause almost instant death. Even just touching it may cause numbness, asphyxia and cardiovascular hypotension.

Just a note from me: As a florist, I have never had any problems with the flowers we have every had in the shop. I’ve never heard of a florist or someone who has had flowers from a florist, who has experienced these symptoms from Aconitum as a cut flower. I would say this is more likely to be the case for wildflowers, as cut flowers you get from a florist are specifically bred to be large and colourful and I would imagine they have been bred to be more handle-friendly.



Digitalis – Foxgloves

Possibly the most beautiful flower in this article, but that doesn’t detract from how toxic it is by ingestion. There has been a wide range of symptoms of which include nausea, convulsions, delirium and, in some few severe cases, arrhythmic heartbeat and tremors.


Autumn Crocus

This one might surprise you as dangerous with its delicate and pretty appearance but there have been cases of a burning sensation in the mouth and throat and in some severe cases even kidney failure, heart attacks and death. The reason being that it contains hazardous levels of a toxic chemical with effects similar to arsenic poisoning.

Convallaria Majalis – Lily of the Valley

A popular flower among us florists. Whilst we love to look and smell the Lily of the Valley and include it in some wedding arrangements, we should leave it at that because this little beauty will slow your heart rate down, cause vomiting and abdominal cramps. Just smell this one, don’t eat it unless you fancy a particularly painful death.

English Broom

This bright and gorgeous bundle of joy has similar effects as Lily of the Valley. Slowing of the heart rate as well as the nervous system.



White Snakeroot

This little guy may have a pretty little flower but it definitely packs a punch! A cow that eats some of this will be contaminated with the toxin. If you were to eat the meat or drink the milk from a cow which has consumed the White Snakeroot, then you could die from the toxins. This is called ‘milk sickness’. Notably, this is the likely cause of death for Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, in 1818.



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