gallery What I learned from delivering a bunch of flowers last week.

Last week I was doing a standard delivery of flowers, from a man who remembered his wife’s birthday.


Look at my Instagram:

This was the only ordinary thing about this delivery because it triggered a thought. A thought that brought me back to when I used to work for someone else. When I went out for a delivery back then, I may have arranged the flowers, taken payment, then delivered them, end of story.

It reminded me that for every bouquet of flowers I deliver, I can actually enjoy the profits. By this I don’t mean, I get to enjoy the money I made. That’s nice I guess, but what I mean is that because I do it all myself, I have more of a sense of enjoyment in each and every bouquet I make.


Being able to enjoy this is the reason I started in the first place. From seeing the flowers in the market, to delivering them by hand directly to the customer makes it all worth while.



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