Recycled Beer/Cider Bottles Make Perfect Planters!


Sometimes it’s nice to have a few friends over and have a couple of drinks.

But instead of having to take all those glass bottles out to the bin the next morning with your neighbour now thinking your an alcoholic, there is something creative you can do with them.

(And in my opinion, it looks great!)

Why not make a herb garden? You can plant different herbs into the same bottles or all different bottles in one section of the garden to have a herb garden that won’t get out of control.

Or, you could do what I do with the one pictured and create the first of a windowsill herb garden. I have been testing how well this one does in the windowsill and after 4 weeks it has grown massively. Just look at those new shoots!

This is just a tester, so I will be experimenting and sharing more of these in the future to improve the ‘recipe’ of making one so that I could perhaps sell them.


Would you be interested in a funky new idea to a herb garden like this, for example?



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