How Gardening can Improve your Health.

Gardening is always good fun, ask any gardener! But there’s more to it than just having a green thumb.

If you only have a small gardening area (yes this includes having a few plants indoors too!) or you don’t typically think about getting dug into the garden that much (pun intended), you can get massive benefits from a little time in the garden.

Having an indoor garden counts! If it’s caring for some herbs on the windowsill or dedicating a whole room to your plants (after writing that I feel the need to say, that if you are dedicating a whole room to plants then you should make sure that they are legal where you live 😂)



Stress Relief is a big one. Think about it, how many gardeners are kept awake all night thinking about their Primroses? The answer is, probably not many. At most, stress for a gardener is remembering where they put the spade (Don’t worry, I believe the squirrel stole it too!).

Don’t just take my word for it, gardening can be very therapeutic, multiple studies have shown gardening reduces stress by lowering the levels of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, less cortisol is good for a happy and relaxed you.


Nutrition is definitely a major factor if you plan to eat the Strawberries and Tomatoes that you are going to be planting. You would be surprised at how many different fruits and vegetables you can grow easily in your garden when you really think about it. Everyone everywhere is trying to promote healthy eating, so why not add a little more good for your body, not to mention, great tasting, food for yourself!

Oh, and just a reminder… If you have kids to manage this Easter holiday, get them in on the action. Parents are constantly worried about the diet of their kids and the gardening will keep them occupied for hours!


Brain Health has been shown to have positive effects from gardening and not just lower cortisol levels. Gardening is a good way of keeping your brain healthy by keeping up memory, problem-solving, sensory awareness as well as physical strength and endurance (depending on what you’re doing). Gardening has shown to lower the risks of diseases such and dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Exercise needs to be expanded on here. What I mean by improving your physical strength and endurance, is that gardening gets you outside and moving. For some people, they do not get enough of this, some people just need a tad bit more! Wheelbarrowing and digging can be strenuous and but even weeding and planting burns those calories!!!


Mood can even be affected by gardening. Sure, you could say the sunshine is making you feel better, so why not? Doing bits and bobs around the garden can spur your creativity to do more and once you are done, that sense of pride and ownership is second to none. Going out after you have finished your brand new vegetable patch or completely weeded your garden, can give you that feel good factor.


So whether you need the physical or mental stimulation or just want a stress-free hobby that leads to a healthier diet and occupied kids, get out there and get planting!




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