A Whole Different Kettle of Succulents!

I’ve been working on a little something lately.

If you have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have noticed that I have been purchasing a bunch of different succulents recently.

If not, then follow me immediately… 😆😆😆


Last week our kettle at home broke. Most people would throw it away, but I had an idea.

I decided to keep it and search around for a nice variety of plants to turn it into a terrarium. All the while, my parents thought I was crazy to keep a broken kettle.


The only thing that was wrong with the kettle was that the lid snapped, which made it unusable to pour. Oh well, we have a brand new kettle and I have another lovely arrangement indoors!


I tried to get something a bit different to unusual to fill the kettle… I mean terrarium.

The succulents I had laying around were too big, I think I would have only had 4 in there and as a florist, it makes a much better arrangement if you stick to odd numbers, so I sourced some tiny succulents and got to work!


I’ll admit that it was quite fiddly to arrange the plants in there to look nice and make sure they all had enough potting mix soil to surround them, but I definitely think it’s worth it!!!

I sure enjoyed planting into things that wouldn’t normally have plants in them. I look forward to the next thing I can plant into, whatever that may be.


Hmm, my sister had better keep a close eye on that fish tank!



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