Beta Testing the PlantSnap app!

A while ago, I backed a promising little Kickstarter page called “PlantSnap”.

Well, it has been a bit of a wait but now I have the Beta version to test, I am already thrilled with the outcome!


After downloading the app, I went out and took a few quick snaps of whatever I could find…


It worked very well, showing me a percentage of how sure the app was at determining what the plant/flower was. The three plants I snapped were around the 90-95% mark so it had a strong sense of knowing, yet it also showed some other plants which it could have been. I would have a guess at saying if you didn’t know what the plant was, or the plant was a bit strange, like a new hybrid flower, for example, it would give an appropriate guess.


Overall, I would say it is a fantastic app that every gardener or plant enthusiast should have, despite its flaws.

I say flaws like its a bad thing. One thing you should remember is that the app is still in its Beta version. When it is released to the public, I am certain it will have an improved design to make it nicer to use, it will also have a more expanded database of plants as it doesn’t contain every plant known to man. They say they have over 103,000 species of plants in their database, with the target of 250,000. It will be available on Android and iPhone.

Lastly, they say the algorithm of the app will be improved by the time the full version gets released so it will be even more reliable at identifying plants!


Hopefully soon, your garden will have less of these:


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