Perfect Plants to put in the Garden: Part 2, Grasses.

I decided to put Grasses as their own post as there are many to choose from, they can be used as a filler or a focal point, they can be used for meadow-like gardens and modern gardens and much more.

First up,

Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’Festuca Glauca 'Blue Fox'

The most colourfully intense plant in this list. This one looks great in a modern minimalist garden among grey/silver foliage or stones.

It’s not just for minimalist gardens however, it looks great sitting around almost anything tall, especially if grouped together.


Miscanthus ‘Little Kitten’Miscanthus ‘Little Kitten_

Quite dense and compact, so it’s good for covering a corner or giving privacy. It produces these beautiful fluffy flowers from September onwards. It’s quite hardy as it will survive in sun or partial shade with many soils.


Pennisetum VillosumPennisetum villosum

Again, this fluffy flowered wonder comes to fruition in the late season. The flowers are thicker and bushier.

They make great pot plants. Like the photo, I’d be tempted to put it on the corner of a patio.



Stipa GiganteaStipa gigantea

Maybe it’s just me but this tall fella always amazes me when I see them. Their height towers over other small grasses and most plants, but what would you expect from a name like ‘Gigantea’, eh?

If I didn’t have this Grasses group, I would have put it in Focal Plants because it really takes your eye straight to it in the garden.

I personally love them because they look fantastic in flower arrangements.


Stipa TenuissimaNassella tenuissima (syn. Stipa tenuissima)

Three guesses why this one is commonly called ‘Hair Grass’?

Yep, this textural little beauty also makes a good focal point in the garden.

Good for if you want something a little more fluffy than the oat-like flowers of the Stipa Gigantea.



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