Perfect Plants to put in the Garden: Part 3, Focal Plants.

What I mean by Focal Plants is a little hard for me to explain, but I hope you will get what I mean.

To me at least, they are a plant that you use strategically to create a point of interest in your garden. It can be a specific type of plant, or it can be the way you arrange everything in the garden to make the eye go towards that first.


If you follow any of my other social media pages, you will probably notice I love succulents. They are so versatile, plant them in a small group, large group, mix them with other succulents, keep them all the same variety, create a succulent bed, Mediterranean rock garden, plant them in the ground, plant them in pots etc.

The possibilities are endless!



Hydrangeas are very common in the UK, especially along the south coast. Admired for their bright summer colours of pink, blue or white. Then their autumn colours as they can even turn red. They are also known to change colour from year to year in different soils.


Rhododendron (Azalea)Rhodedendron

Azaleas are also very common in the UK, grown similarly for their bright colours. They have a fantastic structural stem on them which looks great when the flowers and foliage are up high like this picture, but Azaleas also commonly have the foliage low to the ground.



One of the most popular, if not the most popular of all bulbs, Tulips are greatly loved by everyone. With a huge range of shapes and colours. There is always a perfect Tulip for any garden.



Salix Caprea (Willow)Pussy Willow

Also known as Pussy Willow, Florists Willow or Goat Willow. This tree makes a great point of focus in the garden. Especially near a pond or river.

Particularly admired for its very fluffy catkins, known for stress-relief. Or, at least that’s why I like them!


Cornus (Dogwood)Cornus

Dogwood is commonly grown for its vibrant stems. You will see it in this bright lime green and red colour variants.

Easy to grow and very hardy plant.

Us florists love it as it is very malleable and easy to use in a wide range of arrangements.



Again, one of the most popular garden plants. As popular as the Hydrangea and Azaleas, as wide varieties of Tulips, Roses are a must for any garden.

Available as a bush, pillar, or climber, they are super versatile. You can get varieties specifically for their colour, bloom size, or scent.



Sometimes known as the Christmas Rose. These elegant perennials brighten up any corner during late winter to early spring.




Some varieties can look similar to Chrysanthemums, whereas other Dahlias can be very unique. Whichever you get, the bloom is so satisfying.

Easy to grow, most tend to be fairly hardy to frost.

They flower from Mid-summer to Autumn.



Known as Ornamental Onions as they are the same family as the Onion. Most commonly in various shades of purple, but also available in white and yellow.

The blooms also come in a variety of sizes from 3cm diameter to around 15cm in diameter.

They look amazing in groups of different sizes.



Just a short walk into town and I see three houses with Wisteria climbing over the front of their house.

An amazing plant to have that really makes your house/ garden stand out from the crowd.

Shades of pink, purple, blue and white from April to June.

I definitely want one of these soon.




I am going to leave it here. There are so many plants I could have included but I kept it to the ones that I personally like. Of course, there are more that I like and I may extend this post at some later date.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



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