Perfect Plants to put in the Garden: Part 4, Filler Plants.

The way I see Filler Plants is that they are a great way to compliment your Focal Plants. That doesn’t mean you should disregard them because these are the plants that turn a nice garden into a gorgeous one!

These are just plants that I, as a florist, would like to have and could use in some of my work.

Of course, you could use many of the ‘Focal Plants’ in groups to use as a filler and you could even use some of these ‘Filler Plants’ to use as a focal point. It’s not a rule that you have to use these this way, just my opinion of how I would plant these plants (if I had a garden big enough 😂)


Fern/Dicksonia AntarcticaBracken

These ferns, also known as Bracken, can be found growing wild in many places. They look very ‘Jurassic Park’ and match great near some Rhubarb if you have any planted. If you’re looking for some low maintenance ground cover, this is one to go for as long as you don’t let it grow too wildly.





Known as ‘Red Hot Poker’ for a reason. This will definitely bring some colour to your garden if nothing else does! If you’re not too keen on the bright red, you can also get a lime green-yellow one. I personally love the colour of these and wish I saw more people with them.





Makes for great foliage for florists in a wide variety of arrangements. Also looks great if not attacked by a florist and left alone in the garden, although I wouldn’t know because I can never help myself.

Bright green foliage with lots of tiny yellow flowers adds that Spring look in your garden effortlessly.



Easy to maintain, great dense foliage for hedging and grows up to 3m tall if you really let it. Even looks good if kept to a smaller sized bush. It can have a scent to it, depending on the variety.





This cute little foliage has a lovely silver colouration to it. Often called ‘Lamb’s Ear’ because its very soft and fluffy. If you remove the leaves, they can be dried and retain their fluffy appearance.

Great for florists to use the leaves, great for the gardener to de-stress.

Why wouldn’t you have one?


This ‘Box’ hedge comes in almost any shape and size you want it. It makes great borders and can be squared off, Makes a great minimalist garden if used like this picture.

Slow growing and easy to look after.

Often seen when shaped into interesting things. I have seen it shaped into a prancing horse, even a racing car!


RoseRose Bush

Yep, this is in both the ‘Focal Plants’ and the fillers because it comes in so many colours and varieties that it can be used anywhere.

It’s such a versatile plant, I have seen things as magnificent as an arch or roses to something as simple as a small bush.

This is definitely one that should be in every garden.



Great yellow foliage on some varieties may look like it’s dying but it’s just the fresh growth. It’s not quite that dead yellow colour, up close it’s more of Springy and can even have a nice scent to it.

Makes a great foliage in arrangements, definitely one I would have, and have lots off!



An old favourite that blooms in mid-late summer. One of those plants that are always covered with bees and has that nice red/purple shade to it, depending on the variety.




Everyone knows this big beauty is a favourite of butterflies and bees as well as many humans!

Coming in a variety of colours, no one can get bored of.




This little guy gets its name from the spiny little creature Echidna. It gets this name for a reason. The brown centre is quite spiky but the reason I love it is just because it’s different. Bees love it and I don’t blame them.





This monster is related to the Rhubarb. Its leaves can grow to huge sizes of 2m. Yep, one leaf, 2m. I’d only recommend this is you have a large area to fill. It has a very thick leathery leaf with spines on the underside.

As intimidating as it sounds, it’s a relatively easy plant to care for. It likes moist, poorly draining soil of any pH. Can survive in partial or full sun.



All photos in this series were provided by Pinterest.


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