Keep killing plants? How about plants you don’t need to water!

So I’ve been seeing this around:


It made me think. I’m sure this applies to a lot of people, you may be one included. My parents are definitely one for this!

The thing is, most causes of death for plants is because people forget to water them (ironically the second most common cause of death is by overwatering).

It got me thinking about plants that maybe don’t need watering, and if you don’t like cacti it doesn’t have to be those.

How about “Shower Plants”? See, these are plants that you don’t necessarily need to water. Depending on how you have them around, they will soak up the splashes of shower water and as long as you don’t get soap in them, they will quite happily survive with enough light.


Some plants will even survive just from the humidity.


Orchids, Air Plants, and even some varieties of Succulents can survive just off the humidity of a shower.


This one is just cool…



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