gallery I did a lovely little wedding last weekend

All the best for the future to Stephanie and Dean as they got married at Taplow House Hotel last Sunday.


It was a lovely little wedding. I have done work in the venue before so I was very familiar with how everything should go.

Below are the table arrangements I made. I couldn’t get any photos of them on the table as they hadn’t set up the tables by the time I had arrived! It’s a bit of a shame but the couple got married in the same room that they were having the wedding breakfast so they couldn’t set up the tables until later.


They had a lovely combination of flowers. Blush pinks and white, with lots of grey foliage.

I took this opportunity to use some of my favourite Peonies. The Paeonia ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ is my favourite variety as they are so large, frilly, the perfect colour and have an amazing scent. If you are looking for cheap flowers, Peonies are not really the flower to go to, but they more than make up for their price tag as they are just so gorgeous they are definitely worth it in my opinion.




      • I was born in Iowa and raised 20 miles from Iowa. All of the old cemeteries are filled with peonies! They’re soooooo gorgeous come May and June. I love a flower that keeps the love of family and friends going year after year.

        We are moving soon and as soon as we pick a new house, I’m planting peonies. Tons of them. 🌸

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