image Recognise this picture? My thoughts on photo editing.


Recognise this picture? It’s from the wedding I did a few weeks ago.⠀
Sorry to say, but not much has happened today so I decided to enjoy looking at some old pictures.⠀

Obviously, with the exception of this photo (and others which I clearly state), I don’t tend to edit my photos too much.⠀
When I take a photo and want to upload it online, I might give it a very slight touch up but I really make sure to keep the original colours and ‘feel’ of the flowers. ⠀
The only thing I want to do by uploading photos is to document what is happening in the life of LeafyPine Flowers. I can’t do that if I edit the colours to the point where it is no longer what is originally was.⠀
Despite that being said, I do sometimes enjoy playing around with some fancy editing to exaggerate a point I’m trying to make or to refresh something old etc.


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