Lovely Couple of Bouquets! One for a Gift, One for Me.

Using those Ethiopian Roses from the other day, I made a gorgeous bouquet.

I wanted to contrast colours of the Cream Gerbera and the Cerise Pink Celosia.

That’s where the Roses came into play.

They, along with the Peach Matthiola, really helped contrast the colours to blend together. Had I put Cream Gerbera alongside the Cerise Celosia, the arrangement would have looked too harsh. Too many times have I seen colours put together and they just don’t look right. For example, Red and White flowers put together may be ok if they have a hidden or sentimental meaning but to me and other florists, it’s a big no-no.

This is why I used a variety of flowers between the soft colours and the bold. It brings an altogether-ness to the arrangement to create harmony in the design.


I gifted the above bouquet to a local restaurant which had just renovated. I have been a regular customer for years and the staff know me enough to say hi on the street.

In return, they allowed me to place a few of my business cards by their till.

I had a few flowers left over from what I had purchased to I decided to put them together and keep them in the house to enjoy for myself.



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