Succulent Propagation Success!

It’s been a while since I lasted gave an update of my lovely little succulents.

They have been doing really well, check them out!


Look at this little two-headed weirdo. β €
Not often do you get a twin succulent growing from propagation but I am glad it happens! 😁❀️🌱

Here’s a few more of my other successfulΒ succulents, all starting to sprout nicely.🌱🌱

It has taken a while, 4 months to be precise, but it has been worth it to see these grow from nothing.


As the old leaf begins its new life starting a new succulent plant, it first shoots out roots into the soil. Sometimes you can see them such as in these photos below.


Succulents are amazing plants to have in my opinion as they have such a wide variation in species that some prefer cool climates, some thrive in warmer climates, they can survive indoors and in a variety of situations.

Want some succulents planted in a pot on the windowsill? There’s plenty of species to choose from.

Want some succulents outdoors to fill a rock garden? Again, there’s plenty of species to fill your need.



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