The Story of the ‘Trillow Tree’

Finally, I can show the little project I’ve been working on.
Contorted Hazel shaped into a tree.


This isn’t the first time I have made one of these.
The first one I made was made from Twisted Willow and it was for a family named Trillow. Since then, I have called it a ‘Trillow Tree’.

Although, since then I have developed the process of making them. I no longer use Willow as it is too flexible for my liking. I started to use Contorted Hazel as it has stronger branches so that you can hang things from it. This makes it a fantastic Christmas decoration, or even a great decoration to have around the house to display photos of a memory such as a wedding!

I thoroughly enjoy making these and hope to make more in the future! They would make fantastic table arrangements for a wedding, great gifts for someone to remember that special memory, or even just to decorate a corner of your house with a low maintenance natural decoration.

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