Where Do I Draw Inspiration From? Part 1

After talking to various creative people ranging from other florists, artists, musicians etc. I always find that finding out where they get their inspiration from is so fascinating!

When people talk about what gets them going I always find that it sets me off on my own a little. I can’t help but feel motivated to go out and create something.

Having thought about where other people get their inspiration (doodling, looking at the clouds, watching nature etc.) I thought about where I get inspiration from.

Very often, in the past, I have generally always had aย rule to go by. For example, whilst I was in college, I had an assignment to create a popular brand logo using flower materials. I can’t remember what other people in the class created. I’m pretty sure there was a Chanel or two, I went with the first thing that came to my mind… The Ferrari logo.

I remember when I first mentioned it, my tutor looked at me that said: “that is a little ambitious!”

But I persevered!

I thought about how I could bring the idea to life and it took a while to think about as is may look fairly simple but the black prancing horse is very intricate and detailed.

This is how it came out:

I used yellow Chrysanthemums for the base of the badge. The Ferrari badge has three stripes at the top representing the Italian flag which I made using Red berries, individually stitched and sewn into place. White Carnations which had been feathered to keep it equally thick as the other lines. Then green Chrysanthemums for the top stripe.

The “Ferrari” lettering and the prancing horse were cut, by hand, from a large black leaf then glued on top of the yellow Chrysanthemums.

It was long, hard and tedious at times and I know it’s not quite millimetre perfect, but ultimately I think it turned out fantastic!


2013-03-20 15.26.12

By having a guideline to follow, almost a restriction to focus your mind on something, I find I am able to come up with something and I use my problem-solving skills to bring that idea to fruition.


It doesn’t always work out as well as this, but there are times when I think I do well in this way of thinking. This is why I like to do commission based work because the client knows roughly what they want, but they give me the freedom to do what I want with it still and (hopefully) please everyone with the result.


This is just one of the methods I use to ‘paint on a blank canvas’ so to speak. I will share more of how I look for inspiration, including one way which may be a little controversial and not spoken about too much. Stay tuned!

Remember to click that star if you enjoyed reading this passage. It will give me great motivation to write more and more in the future.


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