Wedding cake decorated with flowers. 

Feel honoured to have been asked to decorate an amazing cake from my friends over at Cutsie Cupcakes in Cookham.

They have a little shop in Cookham High Street where they sell Cupcakes as well as coffee and shakes!

Well, the cake looked amazing! I’m sure the client was super happy with it and I’m glad I could provide flowers that could compliment this cake so well.

Can’t wait to see what other cakes they come out with next! 😍🍰😁😋

Here’s a shot of the flowers back at my workshop before it had a cake on top! 

I had design specifications of 14″ diameter and to be slightly flowing outwards. They wanted specific flowers and colours, including Peonies which are not in season so I had to source artificial Peonies, which they were fine with. 

Overall, I think the flowers looked great and they complimented the cake which looked incredible. I hope to do some more work for Cutsie Cupcakes in the future. 

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